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Join our community to chat about your personal training, style, and martial arts journey. From your home dojo to training locations all over the world, this is the place to chat with like-minded enthusiasts, share your tales and travels, and be inspired in your martial arts journey.


Connect with fellow students within your academy or with another martial artist on another continent. Our community is far reaching.


Share your martial arts journey with other students, instructors, and academies. Accelerate your progress through sharing.


Join social groups to collaborate with students from your academy and with other practitioners with shared martial arts interests.


Learn and grow together. Martial arts are vast with incredible benefits. You will be inspired to new heights in your journey.

MartialQuest Online Community

MartialQuest is not just a martial arts

Scalable Solution for your Academy

Our Video Platform

Our web-based video platform is a scalable solution to extend the reach of your academy to meet the growing demand of online training.

Online Virtual Training

Extend your teaching or practice into a virtual environment that allows progression through your academy's curriculum while away.

Web Based Software

Martial arts business owners and students alike will enjoy our online platform allowing access in the academy, at home, and on any device.

Customized Content

Our online platform was designed with martial arts academies in mind to provide a customized experience tailored for your academy.


We value your business and want to see your martial arts academy succeed and grow at a reasonable price.

Are you an affiliated academy student?

If you are an affiliated academy student, your instructor will provide a coupon code to complete your individual membership registration on MartialQuest. Please have your code ready and click below to join your academy teammates!

Are you a school owner?

We can assist you with extending the reach of your academy using our virtual online platform. Not only will you benefit from our online social community, we will also generate a unique online experience for your students that is tailored to your academy.

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