3 Best BJJ Chokes from the Back

John Danaher demonstrating a Rear-Naked Choke on Bernardo Faria The back is – without a doubt – the most powerful position you can be in as a grappler as that’s where your opponent is weakest- they have no offence – so therefore can only focus on defence. Back control is a tough spot to get... Read more

Watch: Andrew Wiltse Teaches Lapel Ezekiel Choke From Side Control

Not many techniques in jiu-jitsu are more brutal than a perfectly-applied gi choke. In a recent video with Bernardo Faria, top black belt competitor Andrew Wiltse demonstrated a tricky yet devastating Ezekiel choke. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ni7P7D3Ae-E[/embed] Like any good technique, Wiltse’s choke starts with a bit of trickery. By trapping his opponent’s hand in his own lapel,... Read more

Why your sidekick still sucks and how to improve it

I’ve been where you are myself, I can empathize. You feel like you’ve tried everything, and you’ve just finished recording yourself doing a sidekick, but when you look back at the recording, you still think it looks… off. You can’t understand why. But eventually, I got through it, and I am sure that with this... Read more