ADGS Events in 2021 to count points in the 2020/2021 AJP Tour Ranking

The AJP informs that due to the special circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, a change in the period of the AJP Tour Ranking was put in effect. Although the 2020/2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Slam World Tour Ranking was concluded with the recent ADGS Abu Dhabi, on April 2-3, 2021, the AJP Tour Ranking will... Read more

South America Continental Pro: Black belt stars put on a show in search of glory in Brazil

The first day of the AJP Tour South America Continental Pro was a resounding success this Saturday, June 5, 2021. With the event having reached the maximum capacity of athletes, the 8 fight areas set up in the Fip complex, in Brusque, Santa Catarina, were packed during the almost 12 hours of the event. From... Read more

ADWPJJC: Blue belts and Purple belts run the show in thrilling Thursday in Abu Dhabi

The ADWPJJC kicked off its 12th edition this Thursday, April 8. Hundreds of athletes showed up to compete at the Jiu Jitsu Arena, in Abu Dhabi. The first day of action was devoted to the adult blue belt and adult purple belt divisions. There was no shortage of thrills on the mats since the first... Read more

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: season finale becomes a celebration of Jiu Jitsu’s resilience as black belt champions put on a show in Abu Dhabi

What a season it was! For both good and bad, the 2020/2021 season of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam will be one to be remembered for ages. The Covid-19 pandemic made every step of the journey 10 times more difficult. Only through the hard work and the dedication of the AJP Team, we were able... Read more

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: Day 1 in Abu Dhabi crowns talented purple belts and brown belts from all over the world

The show is back in town! After great anticipation, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam landed in the UAE on April 2nd for the final leg in the challenging but fulfilling 2020/2021 season. Over 200 athletes in the adult and masters divisions of the purple and brown belts competed this Friday. As usual, the mats in the... Read more

Demi Lovato Speaks About Jiu Jitsu being “Meditative” and “Empowering”

The hype of celebrities jumping on board the jiu jitsu train has increased over the past decade, and the sport is gaining more recognition now – in terms of global and celebrity – than it ever has done before. Grappling Insider also looked into 10 BJJ Celebrity Black Belts, and there’s some celeb black belts... Read more

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour: Day of triumph in Russia as Jiu Jitsu returns safely to Moscow for the third leg of the 2020/2021 ADGS season

Jiu Jitsu is back in Russia. Through the work of hundreds of dedicated people, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour landed in Moscow this Sunday, March 14. Athletes from all over the world came to the Crocus City Hall to compete again, even in these difficult times. All athletes competing at the ADGS Moscow followed... Read more

Tim Martin at his retirement ceremony in 2018.

Alumni Feature

MartialQuest founder and CEO was interviewed and featured recently in the Georgia College & State University alumni newsletter! A-passion-driven-quest-to-help-others-_-Georgia-College-News-and-EventsDownload

Side Control Bottom with Priit Mihkelson

Priit Mihkelson is a black belt under SBG's President and founder, Matt Thornton. He currently represents BJJ Globetrotters and is in high demand for seminars due to his pragmatic approach and solid instruction. Below is one of my favorite seminar footage videos where he teaches some unconventional concepts in side control bottom escapes. Enjoy! Read more

Ralph Gracie

Old School vs. New School, and the 2018 IBJJF No-Gi World Championships

“Jiu Jitsu is for Everyone” is the slogan that some use these days to encapsulate and promote what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers its practitioners.  However, there were days when Jiu Jitsu was surely not for everyone.  Those old school practitioners (…no not you blue belts who started a couple of years ago or even those... Read more