EXCLUSIVE: Interview with 10th Planet’s Kyle Boehm

Boehm after he won ‘King of the Mats’. @kyle.boehm – “Won the tournament championship over the weekend at @kingofthematgrappling I faced four world class black belts and got four subs. Three RNCs and an outside heel hook. Three finished in regulation. $10k and absolute champion until next year thanks to king of the mat for... Read more

Nutrition for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In order to get a more adapted approach of nutrition tailored to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling Insider speaks with two qualified nutritionists who are also high-level BJJ athletes: Krzys Dk, a brown belt with a masters in nutritional public health, and Dean Kirk a licensed nutritionist and purple belt. All of the information that follows... Read more

Hydration for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Hydration (among many other things I’m sure) in BJJ just isn’t really focused on. We’ve all got our water bottles on the side, and we will have a quick sip, but we don’t really tend to think about hydration as such. However, when taken seriously proper hydration can massively help to increase your performance, focus,... Read more

Getting To Know Claudia Do Val (Interview)

Claudia Do Val is one of the world’s most renowned professional female grapplers and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) black belt competitors, she currently holds the IBJJF world title for Gi and No-Gi, and is a x3 black belt world champion. Alongside all of her world titles, Do Val is also known as one of the nicest... Read more

Exclusive: Oliver Taza Talks Training Atmosphere at DDS, Wrestling, and Leg Locks in IBJJF

Oliver Taza has been a fixture of the elite competitive jiu-jitsu scene for five years, and he’s spent the bulk of that time as a member of the famed Danaher Death Squad. Going from white through purple belt with Tristar head coach Firas Zahabi, then receiving his brown and black belts from John Danaher, it’s... Read more

Danielle Tighe – One to Watch – Fighter Profile

Instagram/ @danielle_tighe Name: Danielle TigheAge: 38D.O.B: 26/12/82Nationality: BritishLocation: East SussexGym: Revolution Martial Arts, KentCoach: Steve O’KeeffeBJJ Rank: Purple BeltHeight: 5’6Weight Class: Middleweight Danielle Tighe is a ferocious BJJ purple belt competitor from East Sussex, England fighting out of Revolution Martial Arts, Kent under 1st Degree Black Belt Steve O’Keeffe at Checkmat. Tighe has trained BJJ... Read more

Kate Bacik – One to Watch – Fighter Profile

Instagram: @purplesupernova7 Name: Kate BacikAge: 27D.O.B: 25/05/93Nationality: PolishLocation: Croydon, London, EnglandGym: New Wave Academy, CroydonBJJ Rank: Purple BeltHeight: 5”7Weight Class: Lightweight Kate Bacik is a name that’s been popping up a lot recently not just regarding BJJ, but MMA too. Bacik is a fierce cage fighter and grappler, ranking in at purple belt in BJJ.... Read more

How to Succeed in BJJ with Black Belt Steve O’Keeffe

Photo Credit: Instagram @stevethespartan Grappling Insider speaks with Steve O’Keefe a 1st Degree Black Belt under Marco Canha at Checkmat and pro MMA fighter from Kent, England to discuss his career, how he kept focused and what the key to success in BJJ is. As well as an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and pro MMA... Read more

Tim Martin at his retirement ceremony in 2018.

Alumni Feature

MartialQuest founder and CEO was interviewed and featured recently in the Georgia College & State University alumni newsletter! A-passion-driven-quest-to-help-others-_-Georgia-College-News-and-EventsDownload