Kate Bacik – One to Watch – Fighter Profile

Instagram: @purplesupernova7 Name: Kate BacikAge: 27D.O.B: 25/05/93Nationality: PolishLocation: Croydon, London, EnglandGym: New Wave Academy, CroydonBJJ Rank: Purple BeltHeight: 5”7Weight Class: Lightweight Kate Bacik is a name that’s been popping up a lot recently not just regarding BJJ, but MMA too. Bacik is a fierce cage fighter and grappler, ranking in at purple belt in BJJ.... Read more

How to Succeed in BJJ with Black Belt Steve O’Keeffe

Photo Credit: Instagram @stevethespartan Grappling Insider speaks with Steve O’Keefe a 1st Degree Black Belt under Marco Canha at Checkmat and pro MMA fighter from Kent, England to discuss his career, how he kept focused and what the key to success in BJJ is. As well as an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and pro MMA... Read more

3 Best BJJ Chokes from the Back

John Danaher demonstrating a Rear-Naked Choke on Bernardo Faria The back is – without a doubt – the most powerful position you can be in as a grappler as that’s where your opponent is weakest- they have no offence – so therefore can only focus on defence. Back control is a tough spot to get... Read more

First Quarter New Year Training: The Break-In

New Year fitness goals are extremely popular especially because it allows us to start fresh no matter where we are in our fitness journey. Regardless if you have been training for years or you are just getting started, something has lead you to this specific section in Jiu-Jitsu Magazine and I am extremely hopeful that... Read more

Takemusu and BJJ

What is Takemusu? Takemusu is an Aikido-derived term and concept that was developed by Aikido's founder, Morihei Ueshiba. He referred to this as an aikidoka's spontaneous generation of new techniques in reaction to a variety of situations (my words and interpretation). A further explanation may be from a description of what it isn't. That is,... Read more

To Drill or To Roll…that is the question

Training in jiu jitsu takes a certain level of repetition and practice to make progress in your overall skill development.  There are some camps (think Atos and Andre Galvao) that emphasize 'drilling' as the key to getting better while others, like Kit Dale of Checkmat, provide greater emphasis on the sparring aspects of rolling in... Read more

Gracie Self Defense and “Aliveness”

The thing that first drew me to training in Gracie or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was its undoubtable effectiveness in unarmed combative situations.  All martial arts have their strengths and weaknesses, but jiu jitsu has continuously proven itself as the most effective martial art when faced with stronger, faster, and more athletic attackers.  However, there can... Read more

What is Shugyo?

Musha shugyō (武者修行) is a samurai warrior's quest or pilgrimage. The concept is similar to the Chinese Youxia, or Knight Errantry in feudal Europe. A warrior, called a shugyōsha, would wander the land practicing and honing his skills without the protection of his family or school. Possible activities include training with other schools, dueling, performing... Read more