To Drill or To Roll…that is the question

Training in jiu jitsu takes a certain level of repetition and practice to make progress in your overall skill development.  There are some camps (think Atos and Andre Galvao) that emphasize 'drilling' as the key to getting better while others, like Kit Dale of Checkmat, provide greater emphasis on the sparring aspects of rolling in... Read more

Gracie Self Defense and “Aliveness”

The thing that first drew me to training in Gracie or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was its undoubtable effectiveness in unarmed combative situations.  All martial arts have their strengths and weaknesses, but jiu jitsu has continuously proven itself as the most effective martial art when faced with stronger, faster, and more athletic attackers.  However, there can... Read more

Boyd’s Theory Applied to BJJ

I've been kicking this around for a while now.  When reading about Boyd and his theory concerning OODA, I began to realize how much of it could be applied in jiu jitsu.  Some salient points that I'd like to flesh out at some point include his ideas of creating chaos and implicit guidance & control. ... Read more