How to Succeed in BJJ with Black Belt Steve O’Keeffe

Photo Credit: Instagram @stevethespartan Grappling Insider speaks with Steve O’Keefe a 1st Degree Black Belt under Marco Canha at Checkmat and pro MMA fighter from Kent, England to discuss his career, how he kept focused and what the key to success in BJJ is. As well as an avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and pro MMA... Read more

Abu Dhabi Grand Slam: season finale becomes a celebration of Jiu Jitsu’s resilience as black belt champions put on a show in Abu Dhabi

What a season it was! For both good and bad, the 2020/2021 season of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam will be one to be remembered for ages. The Covid-19 pandemic made every step of the journey 10 times more difficult. Only through the hard work and the dedication of the AJP Team, we were able... Read more

Five Finger Death Punch Guitarist Zoltan Bathory Awarded BJJ Black Belt

Another celebrity is now a BJJ black belt. Over the weekend, Zoltan Bathory, the founder and guitarist of the metal band Five Finger Death Punch, was awarded his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in a ceremony involving Royler Gracie. “It took 13 years hard work (& some fat lips and some black eyes) to get... Read more

Brown Belt World and Pans No-Gi Champion Pedro Marinho Promoted to Black Belt

Gracie Barra’s Pedro Marinho is already an elite competitor, and he now has the black belt rank to match those elite skills. The IBJJF brown belt world and gi Pans no-gi champion was recently awarded his black belt. Marinho has plenty of accomplishments at the colored belts. In addition to his Pans and world championships... Read more