Our Coffee

We're excited to partner with Old Chicago Coffee Company as our primary roaster to provide specialty blends and single origin coffee beans to our customers.  

Every warrior needs a way to create leverage to assist in our quest for betterment in mind, body, and spirit.  Thus, Alavanca Coffee was born.  Alavanca, of course, is Portuguese for leverage, and is the single more critical component to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that allows a weaker, smaller person to overcome the strength and power of someone larger.  Jiu Jitsu has been the motivation for our start, and Alavanca Coffee is a fitting extension of our brand.

In our partnership we source coffee beans from a tiny family farm which is at high elevation with shade grown coffee fields that flourish on the edge of a mountain. The workers hand pick every coffee cherry, hand wash them, and do it all by hand.  The final process involves the drying of the beans in natural sunlight with beans spread over wooden planks. The same way it was done hundreds of years ago, an old world method. These are hand selected beans, among the best anywhere in the world.

We are sure you will enjoy our selection of coffees under our unique brand and label that is empowered by a premier artisan roaster.  Enjoy the coffee, gain the leverage, and continue your quest!