Carlos Machado Seminar

Great seminar with Master Carlos Machado last month! Always a treat to get to train with one of the Machado brothers. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to train with Carlos already!

Carlos Machado and Tim Martin
Master Carlos and Tim – 2017


Training with Royce

A few years ago (2012) I had the opportunity to take a private class with Royce Gracie.  We were visiting LA on a small family vacation, and I called to see if Royce was available during the time we were in town.  I was lucky enough to find him free and not traveling for a seminar as is common for him.  The class was in Long Beach at one of his affiliate network schools.  

I arrived and he was running a bit behind with a purple belt working through some knife self defense with him.  I hurried back to the back to change as he finished up the private class.  After changing the school was closing down from its regular group classes, and I found myself with sharing the mat with only Royce.  Everyone had left.

The class focused on his usual focus of his father’s self defense techniques and methodologies.  It was quite the experience to have some one on one private training with the man who put Gracie Jiu Jitsu on the map and kick-started the Jiu Jitsu revolution.  The most interesting techniques were the various gun defenses that we went through as these were something that I’d not focused on before.  He was very astute to the details of each weapon and unarmed techniques.  It was clear that he wanted to ensure that he imparted the technical intricacies of each technique with an emphasis on the leverage that allowed a smaller person to defend himself or herself from a larger opponent. 

The last 15 minutes of the lesson were focused on a careful rolling session where he corrected and instructed technique along the way.  This was all fundamental Jiu Jitsu.  Nothing fancy, showy, or faddish technique; all pure Gracie Jiu Jitsu.  While executing an armbar from the technical mount with him on his left side, he warned me, “don’t break my nose…it will make me angry.”  Of course, I did NOT want to make him angry.  Following the rolling session we had a brief question and answer session.  Another quotable quote in response to one of my questions, “put your head in a toilet and flush it.”  Advice I’ve yet to act upon….

Relson Gracie

Recognized as the world’s leading expert in self defense instruction, Relson Gracie is the second oldest son of the late Grandmaster Helio Gracie.  Helio Gracie is credited as the innovator of the jiu jitsu that the family was taught by Mitsuyo “Count Koma” Maeda, and which is now known as Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Finally had the opportunity to train with the legendary “Shark” and “Champion” of the Gracie family.  The seminar was hosted by Relson Gracie Black Belt Marco Moreno at The Basics Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Leesburg, VA.

The Machados

I got invited to attend one of the Machado Brother gatherings in Farmer’s Branch, TX by Master Carlos Machado.  Of course I accepted!  It was a very informative two days of jiu jitsu training that covered a wide variety of techniques and strategies.  What struck me as most interesting was the more principle based practice as compared to other jiu jitsu seminars where a progression or random variety of techniques were taught.  Brothers Carlos, Roger, and John were present and taught throughout the weekend.  The atmosphere was friendly and cooperative and taught in a family-oriented environment vice a competitive environment that one might experience in more MMA-focused schools.  It was time well spent, and I would recommend training with any of the Machado brothers if given the opportunity.  First class all the way!

Demian Maia Seminar

Back in September I got the opportunity to attend a seminar conducted in KC by UFC Middleweight and multi-time BJJ world champion, Demian Maia. The seminar was simply awesome! Although the techniques are far too numerous to try to recall on this post I would say that the highlight of the seminar for me was his emphasis on jiu jitsu as a self defense art. I haven’t seen this in other BJJ schools like I have seen at the Gracie Academy, so it was great to hear it being emphasized from someone outside of the GJJ Academy lineage. If he comes back…I’ll definitely try my best to attend. Cheers…