Yoshinkan Shihan Joe Thambu

Joe Thambu in Munich 2013 – Aikido Yoshinkan

https://youtu.be/bAelbWHdjkc Excellent Aikido demonstration by Shihan Joe Thambu of the Yoshinkan. His home dojo is the Shudokan in Melbourne, Australia. Yoshinkan Aikido is the pre-WWII influenced Aikido of Gozo Shioda, founder and Kancho of the Yoshinkan. It is a powerful style with a rigid adherence to drills and kihon. It is also the chosen form... Read more

Aikido Dento Iwama Ryu

https://youtu.be/jYj0hhqG1Jo This is a great video showing insights into the Aikido of Dento Iwama Ryu as preserved by Morihiro Saito and now championed by his son, Hitohira. Iwama Ryu is the Aikido of the founder, O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, during his time living and teaching in Iwama. The curriculum is broader than Aikikai Aikido and contains... Read more