Bryony Tyrell: Nurse by Day, Pro Fighter by Night (Fighter Profile)

Credit: Instagram – @bryony.killabee Name: Bryony TyrellAge: 41DOB: 07/10/79Nationality: BritishLocation: Southampton, EnglandGym: New Generation Martial ArtsCoach: Lukasz ChilareckiBJJ Rank: Purple BeltHeight: 5”4BJJ Weight Class: 54-60kgMMA Weight Class: 52kg Bryony Tyrell is a pro MMA fighter and purple belt BJJ competitor from New Generation Martial Arts, Southampton, England. Bryony has been entertaining martial arts since she... Read more

Ex Powerlifter Mark MacQueen: First Comp at Blue Belt – Wins the Absolute

“Had my first comp as a blue belt, and my first match as a blue belt was against a black belt.” Grappling Insider speaks with ex world champion powerlifter Mark MacQueen about his tremendous win in the absolute division at Grappling Industries in Manchester last week. Alongside him in the absolute was a purple belt,... Read more

Roll66: Sean Flynn Does 66 Rolls in 6 hours for Charity

Sean ready to rock and roll (66 times) Sean Flynn, (@championofchampions on Instagram) is a BJJ Brown Belt from Watford, England who has been training jiu jitsu for 14 years, starting at the Roger Gracie Academy in London, now training at Premier BJJ in Harrow under Chris Foran. Recently on 25th July, Flynn decided to... Read more

UFC Fighter and EBI Champ Erin Blanchfield Promoted to BJJ Black Belt

Fighting prodigy and MMA prospect Erin Blanchfield has been promoted to BJJ Black Belt by coach Karel “SIlver Fox” Pravec. Blanchfield was just 18 years old when she earned a championship title at EBI 12 as a purple belt back in 2017, on the strength of wins over Livia Gluchowska, Katherine Shen, Lila Smadja, and... Read more

Dear White Belts – Leave Your Ego At the Door

@chilarekiphotography One of the first things you should learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is to leave your ego at the door. Ego’s cause injuries and no one wants to be injured, especially not by a training partner. When you’re starting to learn BJJ the fundamentals seem endless, so it’s understandable that a few concepts may... Read more

Rapper Action Bronson Loses 140lbs and Starts Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

@bambambaklava via Instagram: WHAT A DAY OF TRAINING WITH YODA @ryrongracie AND MY BROTHER @evidence When March 2020 came around, rapper Action Bronson (real name Ariyan Arslani) decided it was time for a change – right at the beginning of the pandemic. Since March 2020, Bronson has lost 140lbs (64kg) – an insane amount of... Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with 10th Planet’s Kyle Boehm

Boehm after he won ‘King of the Mats’. @kyle.boehm – “Won the tournament championship over the weekend at @kingofthematgrappling I faced four world class black belts and got four subs. Three RNCs and an outside heel hook. Three finished in regulation. $10k and absolute champion until next year thanks to king of the mat for... Read more

Nutrition for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

In order to get a more adapted approach of nutrition tailored to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Grappling Insider speaks with two qualified nutritionists who are also high-level BJJ athletes: Krzys Dk, a brown belt with a masters in nutritional public health, and Dean Kirk a licensed nutritionist and purple belt. All of the information that follows... Read more

Hydration for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Hydration (among many other things I’m sure) in BJJ just isn’t really focused on. We’ve all got our water bottles on the side, and we will have a quick sip, but we don’t really tend to think about hydration as such. However, when taken seriously proper hydration can massively help to increase your performance, focus,... Read more

Why your sidekick still sucks and how to improve it

I’ve been where you are myself, I can empathize. You feel like you’ve tried everything, and you’ve just finished recording yourself doing a sidekick, but when you look back at the recording, you still think it looks… off. You can’t understand why. But eventually, I got through it, and I am sure that with this... Read more