Systema Training Methods

Recently listened to a podcast interviewing Kevin Secours of Combat Systema. It can be found here:

He provides some great insights into his systema method, practice, and logic.


My first experience with the Russian Martial Art of Systema, or “The System” came in 2006 with senior Systema instructor Martin Wheeler in LA.  At the time he was teaching in a park in Santa Monica, CA with a small group of students.  Martin has an extensive martial arts resume in addition to work in the entertainment industry that includes screenwriting and fight choreography.  Most notable of his work would surely include fight choreography on The Double with Richard Gere.  He now operates an exclusive training facility tucked away in Beverly Hills with BJJ Coral Belt, Rigan Machado.  Although my training with his group was only a few sessions over a few months from 2006-2007, I took away a deeper curiosity about its training methods.  Specifically, its focus on breathing and its integration with relaxed movement along with spontaneity and creativity in response to partner movement has captured most…

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