Shugyo Pant Leg
Shugyo Kimonos

Shugyo Kimonos is our collection of custom gis, rashguards, clothing, and accessories. We take great care in the design and production of our products to ensure their impeccable quality and comfort. Founded in 2017, Shugyo Kimonos is committed to providing visionary products enabled by quality and service.

The Shugyo brand kimono is a symbol that was born from the very heart of the MartialQuest concept. It is simply a testament to our reason for being as a company in pursuit of quality and service through visionary brands, products, and services.

Japanese lore tells us stories of ancient journeys where warriors would test themselves to strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirits. These journeys were to perfect their character as much as their martial techniques. The noble warriors within their ranks required the best equipment and weapons to ensure their success on the battlefield. As Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners we are no different as those warriors of ancient times. We too must be properly equipped.

We are all on our own separate path for various reasons that are truly our own. Our paths have ultimately led us to the same destination along each of our journeys. That is, of course, the jiu jitsu mat…our testing ground for various reasons that are truly and uniquely our own. Like those noble warriors of the past we are spending countless hours perfecting our character and our art through our own personal shugyo…our own personal path in the life long pursuit that is jiu jitsu.

We welcome you to join us in representing your personal journey through our unique brand.