We are passionate about two things:  Jiu Jitsu and Coffee!  When exploring ideas of how to share our passion with others we instantly thought, “why not just combine the two!”  So, here we are.  We’ve created the finest specialty blends of Arabica coffee with the jiu jitsu practitioner in mind.  Established in 2017, Café Alavanca will be your go-to-brand for providing the leverage you need to get you through the most demanding drill or open mat session.

The coffee at Café Alavanca is roasted using a unique roasting machine designed with perfection and one goal in mind, to roast the best coffee ever. This machine does it better, 100% made in U.S.A. to the exact specifications of our master roaster who incorporates old world roasting methods and modern technology for roasting efficiency. Our process is guaranteed to lock in the flavor and cooking the inner parts of the bean perfectly even under his watchful eye.

Our coffee beans are 100% pure, nothing is done to them outside of using some old world style methods for roasting and locking in the flavor, along with some little discoveries found while roasting millions of coffee beans.

If you love jiu jitsu, then you will love our coffee. Come roll with Café Alavanca!