We are passionate about two things:  Jiu Jitsu and Coffee!  When exploring ideas of how to share our passion with others we instantly thought, “why not just combine the two!”  So, here we are.  We’ve created the finest specialty blends of Arabica coffee with the jiu jitsu practitioner in mind.  Established in 2017, Café Alavanca will be your go-to-brand for providing the leverage you need to get you through the most demanding drill or open mat session.  Read more here!

Shugyo Kimonos is our collection of custom gis, rashguards, clothing, and accessories. We take great care in the design and production of our products to ensure their impeccable quality and comfort. Founded in 2017, Shugyo Kimonos is committed to providing visionary products enabled by quality and service.  Read more here!