Matsuda-den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Renshinkan

I recently started a discussion with Renshinkan Kancho and Matsuda-den Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu Menkyo Kaiden, Michio Takase, concerning his branch of the school and its techniques. Takase Sensei has also added some additional ‘flavor’ to techniques that are uniquely his own. He is passionate about teaching and preserving the old ways, but also is on the forefront of ensuring that his art is practical in a modern sense.

He has several Shihan Dai students who carry on his teaching throughout his organization which is international in scope. He also has some who have interests in the Japanese MMA scene. I look forward to continuing my dialog with him, and ultimately getting to meet and train with him in person.

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Tim Martin

Tim Martin is a military veteran with over 27 years of service. Tim has been studying the martial arts and various self defense methods since his childhood. Tim’s passion for the martial arts extends to sharing his training and experiences with others. It is his belief that the martial arts are a valuable vehicle for improving and developing oneself to reach their maximum potential. He sees it as a powerful, life-changing gift for all ages to teach empowerment, confidence, self defense, and overcoming adversity.

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