Knife Defense: You will bleed…

The first rule of any knife-work is understanding that you will get cut.  Yes, there is no such thing as a clean disarm or other fancy technique to send the knife flying from an attacker’s hand.  The reality is that you must be prepared psychologically for the outcome.  This is not to say that you cannot defend yourself successfully from a bladed attacker.  However, “fantasy martial arts” as Matt Thornton calls them, always leaves a sense of false security and awareness that will ultimately lead to a failure in surviving an unarmed or armed attacker.  You must train aliveness in both your unarmed and your armed practice.  Regardless of what type of weapon (to inflict blunt force trauma, projectile weapons, or blade), practice must ultimately progress to one with the element of aliveness in order to increase one’s functional skill level.  I’ve already provided some criticism to my beloved Gracie or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and how it approaches the “self defense” aspects of the art.  The static responses trained for self defense remove what makes jiu jitsu so effective.  That is, the aliveness is largely removed, and the training with weapons does not progress much further beyond the repetition of dead patterns.

Observe the chaos that can occur in a knife attack:

And this is when you may see the danger coming.  What if you don’t!

Defending against a blade presents a very dangerous equation to solve.  The attacks are always chaotic with most attacks occurring at various angles with different slashing/jabbing techniques employed.  The standard defense in so-called fantasy arts and even traditional Gracie Jiu Jitsu will leave you unprepared for the realities.  Again, perhaps aliveness is what is missing in these approaches and training modalities.

More to follow.  In the meantime, revisit my 2016 comments concerning this: Gracie Self Defense and “Aliveness”

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