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Bought tickets to Vegas for the Ultimate Fighting Championship?  Hopefully, you can get those changed or maybe there is an available connecting flight to L.A. to get you there in time for the weekend.  Maybe a car rental is the answer.

The UFC is a great big bowl of caca these days.  The latest, of course, is the shift of venues on a week’s notice for UFC 232 due to the Nevada Athletic Commission refusing to license Jon Jones to compete this weekend.  So…the California State Athletic Commission comes to the rescue!  Or, so it seems.  The catalyst of this quick change is another tainted drug test result for Jon Jones, and Jones has already been licensed in the state of California. Not a very convenient thing to occur for either the UFC or its fans.

To be fair, there appears to be a valid argument to why those results are positive.  UFC front man Dana White has posted a response to the news of the results stating, “Jon Jones didn’t do anything wrong. This time. So what’s fair is fair. This fight should happen and it’s gonna happen so it is what it is.”  Further commentary by Joe Rogan on his podcast defended the move and fuels the thought that there is a valid possibility of positive results due to enduring residuals of the illegal substance that was originally ingested well over a year ago.

Regardless, this event does nothing to improve Jon Jones’ or the UFC’s reputation regarding these things.  The UFC has continued to move into territory of becoming more of ‘entertainment’ than ‘art’ just like the WWF to WWE shift when considering recent events like the rise of Conor McGregor, fight promoting trash-talking, and now this move of an entire event on such a short notice to accommodate a single competitor.  Welcome to modern Mixed Martial Entertainment, MME!  Enjoy the show!

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