Surviving the post-keto diet

Disclaimer:  I am not a nutritionist or doctor…my ideas are based upon my own keto experience and research.  What works for me, may not work for you.

How do you keep your weight down after you quit the ketogenic diet?  Regardless of why you quit, there can be some challenges with stabilizing your weight loss to prevent adding extra pounds of fat due to a change in a fat ratio that isn’t conducive to remaining in ketosis.

People pursue a ketogenic diet for a variety of reasons.  My own keto experience began pretty much by accident as I really didn’t ‘plan’ to go keto.  I tried it for a few days and saw an immediate impact on my ability to lose body fat.  That fact increased my motivation and drove my strict (some would think too strict) adherence to the diet.

In December after six months on the diet I decided to step away from it.  My reason was quite simple in that my lipids profile had been adversely affected by the diet.  The problem was primarily in an already existing propensity towards elevated cholesterol levels, and going keto with the emphasis on high fat ratios didn’t really help the matter.  Of course, there are better sources of fat than others…the fact of the matter is that you are sometimes driven to increase the fat in your diet to remain in ketosis.  An example of this is the bulletproof coffee fad or even something as simple as increasing the dairy in your diet as they are both easy ways to quickly increase your fat ratios.

Regardless as to why someone steps away, there are some tips that I’d like to share with you on how to maintain your new found fat-loss.

1- Continue to stay away from SUGAR.  For me, that is not only refined sugar, sugar additives, artificial sweetners, etc., but also fruit.  That’s just me, however.  If you are comfortable with it you could easily re-introduce fruits into your diet…for obvious reasons in due to their overall nutritional value.

2- Keep your carbs low.  I still count my carbs, but I am nowhere near ratio levels to enter back into ketosis.  For me, my weight has stabilized.  Interestingly enough, it also seems to have redistributed itself.  My face is fuller than when in the middle of the diet.  Not sure how this works, but it is pretty apparent in photographs throughout my keto journey.

3- Drink, drink, and drink more water.  Stay away from the fad-of-the week energy drink.  Stay away from soda.  Do drink lots of water.  It is a staple in the keto diet, so continue to maintain your reliance upon and benefit of drinking water to quench your thirst.

4- Lastly, don’t shy away from fat.  Eating healthy fat is encouraged.  Its the fat in your diet that helps to control hunger and keep you from those glucose-filled hunger rages that can lead to bad eating habits.  Coupled with ample amounts of water and you will be on a path to maintaining clean eating habits, appropriate levels of energy, and excellent hydration.

Finally, if you do plan to pursue the ketogenic diet again or venture into a cyclic keto lifestyle diet, there are plenty of resources out there to help you meal plan.  One of the best that I have found is The Keto Cookbook.  Give it a try!!

Ketosis Cookbook

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